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June 14th 2021


Michała, Elizy


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A remarkable region on the Masovian Plain which inspired not only  Fryderyk Chopin. Its beauty was immortalized in the paintings by Józef Chełmoński, born in Boczki near Łowicz and a Nobel Prize winner Władysław Reymont described the life of its inhabitants “Księżaks” in his epopee “Chłopi” (“Peasants”). Lying on the Bzura river between Łódź and Warsaw, it witnessed numerous historical events. Blood was shed in its defence by insurgents in the 19th century and in 1939 by Polish soldiers in the Battle of Bzura. Łowicz Region is distinctive due to its unique cultural achievements and a historical territorial separateness.

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For a few centuries Łowicz Duchy had belonged to Gniezno Archbishops, later it became a donation of Napoleon Bonaparte to marshal Davout. Subsequently is was a titular property of Łowicz Duchess Joanna Grudzińska, Great Duke Konstanty’s wife. In the years 1838-1914 it was owned by Russian tsars. Until now  there survived border posts of the Łowicz Duchy in Bąków and Patoki.

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Picturesque scenery, monuments of historical value, vibrant folklore, hospitality and traditional, local cuisine are like a magnet for  tourists. Regardless of the season Łowicz Region is increasingly becoming  a destination for lots of people on package tours or weekend trips. Thanks to good facilities, diversity of events and other tourist attractions a lot of  foreigners visit Łowicz Region every year.

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Łowicz crafts and folk art are renowned for their uniqueness. In no other region of Poland can you find such beautiful striped fabrics, distinctive embroidery,  paper cut-outs and crepe paper “spiders”. They can be admired not only in museums or private collections. The folk art of Łowicz Region is a live phenomenon, folk groups and local craftsmen are known on all continents.  The unique Łowicz folk costume, which is recognized as a Polish national costume,  as well as other elements of Łowicz culture can be seen during religious festivals, for instance in  Corpus Christi procession in Łowicz and nearby villages. Every year multicoloured images and a really stunning atmosphere of these events impress pilgrims and tourists from the most distant parts of  the world.

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